Struggles & Successes with weight loss ambitions, prove to be a very regular way of life for so many. Motivation & Focus are attributes that I tend to find difficult as well. With everyday life and the distractions that come near and far, it becomes so important to "Lock In' on a thriving force that better contributes to your goals. FIT w FALLON, my dear friend and Personal Trainer certainly provides that into my life.

I've had some time away from this blog and didn't really know which direction to take. Re-Connecting w Fallon Mercedes has opened my eyes on many levels. In the next generation of this blog, I want to utilize this platform to showcase all sides of the spectrum. The GOOD, BAD, & UGLY. In other words, I'd like to be real about what works, what doesn't work, and what makes sense. I've been working along side Fallon Mercedes for several years, morso on a Medial StandPoint, its nice to finally share the best of both worlds right here on the BLOG. Check Out the VIDEO below & be sure to support for even More "Mercedes" Motivation!!